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AFCO’s December Newsletter

Posted on: December 30th, 2016 by Farryn Lewis

My Simple Hanukkah Wish! Please Let Me Celebrate Christmas!

Hello to The Most Wonderful People of the Year–

It’s the holidays again. For two thousand years, we Jews have battled with the age-old question of what to do on Christmas Day.  While many of us have turned to the bible for answers, a lot of us have turned to Chinese food and a movie, or better yet – we sneak into our non-Jewish friends’ Christmas celebrations and get our jingle on for the day.

Growing up, I always yearned for Christmas songs, lights, and most of all a tree.  After begging my parents, they gave in and we got a tree – the two stipulations were that a Star of David adorn the top and that we call it a Hanukkah Bush.  It was obvious at an early age I had a knack for decorating that tree.  Each year it got a theme — blue/white and gold, the silver edition (think tinsel, silver stars, silver foil, silver lame, silver, silver, silver!) and then the most talked about one of all was the year of the Famous Jew Tree.  I was 7 – for months leading up to the holiday I researched every famous Jew that I could find, then got magazines with their pictures in them, cut them out, and made homemade ornaments.  Please note this was before the internet – so the research exhausted me, but I was determined to bring the Jew Tree to life.

I kept very quiet about my plans because each year I would have the big unveiling of my tree.  I pined over those pine needles.  Each branch was adorned with the likenesses of the most famous Jews I knew. Woody Allen, Billy Joel, Don Rickles, Mel Brooks, Bette Midler, my Aunt Selma, my Grandma Birdie, and the crowning glory was the Joan Rivers angel I crafted to top the tree –“can we talk?”   At the unveiling, tears filled my mom’s eyes and she simply whispered “fabulous”. My dad rolled his eyes as he usually did and my brother was high so none of it really mattered to him, but he commented “cool” and that made my day.

It was truly the best holiday of my life, until the next year – when I finally achieved another dream.  When I awoke on the first day of Hanukkah – the one gift waiting under my Salute to Israel-themed tree that year was Barbie’s dream house.  I had lobbied for that gift for almost two years and there it was.  I almost had a nervous breakdown from the joy I was feeling.

Which leads me to today – is there anything better than buying gifts for the people you love? Spending time with them and celebrating the joy that the holiday brings. Enjoy this very special weekend–when Christmas and Hanukkah come together – it truly is a sign of world peace which perhaps will set us off on the right track for a very rocky year ahead (thanks Mr. Trump).

On behalf of the team here at AF&Co. and our mascots Daisy and Tulip – we wish you the most new year ever.  Here’s to a spectacular 2017.

Thank you for all your support.

Happy ChrisKwaYuleAkkah!

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