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Happy Spring All –

Welcome to the late April addition of our newsletter, timed perfectly with the arrival of Passover this week and the celebration of all things Mom just days away.

As many of you know, I had the most wonderful relationship with my mom, Gerry. Sadly, she was taken from us when I was just 19, but the memories of our times together and the love she had for me and my brother Ricky are still quite vivid. You see, Gerry was the ultimate Jewish mom – a  job she took quite seriously. She was trained very well by my Grandma Birdie – and both of these remarkable ladies knew what they were doing when it came to Jewish momming.

For instance, by the time I was 12 years old, I was quite chubby. Why you ask? Have you ever head the term “shut up and eat!”?  My mom and Grandma Birdie invented it! There was always so much food in our house – as a kid (and I’m not lying) my favorite room was the pantry. My mom would set me up in there after school to do my homework, with complete access to twinkies, devil dogs, yodels, ring dings, and all the chips and pretzels I could consume. The only major issue was I was expected to eat a full dinner, regardless. By the time bedtime hit, I was being offered ice cream or some sweet good-night treat. In my mom’s world, food equaled love and she wanted us to feel very loved and we did. And then reality hit – my first day of 7th grade – GYM CLASS.

I got to Junior High and was expected to undress in front of the other boys – many who had already started to mature, if you get my drift. I was round, hairless with a pre-puberty angelic glow, and there was no way in hell I was getting naked in front of those young men. Let alone play kick ball with them. I ran … and ran far. They found me at the counter at Sill’s Corner (the local diner) drowning my fears in a delicious hamburger. MOM TO THE RESCUE — I still don’t know what went down that day in the principal’s office, but I got excused from gym that year and was placed in Home Economics (my first brush with my love of restaurants and fine dining). So you see, Jewish Moms are saints (ironic I know) – they will feed you, fight for you, root for you, and – most importantly – love you unconditionally forever.

Whether you are Jewish or not, you have two amazing opportunities to celebrate your mom. Act like a Jew and take her to a Seder or Passover dinner (read on for some great options) or – better yet – make reservations (a Jewish princess’ favorite thing) and treat mom like a queen this Mother’s Day.

For me –  I honor all moms (Jewish or not). You are amazing, amazing people. Now stop reading this for a minute, go call your mom, and tell her you love her. We’ll wait.



PS — There is so much going on with all things AF&Co. that this is by far one of the juiciest (warning – longest) newsletters we have ever sent you. So much news – we had to share it all. Grab a coffee and dig in.

And for those of you who missed it: I was honored a few years back when a salute to my mom was published on Here is the article for your reading pleasure!

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