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February Newsletter – L – Is For…


Hello Valentines!

Can you feel the love tonight? I hope so. February is a wonderful month filled with hearty food, bubbles, special events and of course the holiday built for romance – Valentine’s Day.

Do you remember your first crush?  Or your first heartbreak? Were they related? Mine were. Here’s the real problem with me – I fall in love too easily and I have since I was 4 years old. Having lived on both sides of the fence – I have had so many crushes on both women and men – I can’t even count them. My first girl crush was on Ms. Grey, my third grade teacher. She was so fresh faced and sophisticated. She wore the prettiest ribbons in her auburn hair and also had just the right amount of makeup on for school. I loved her shoes too – suede pumps with an appropriate heel for daytime teaching. Looking back I don’t know if it was really love or just my young gay fashionista coming to life but she appreciated my admiration and gave it right back – telling me how handsome I looked in my husky pants and coordinating Huckapoo silk shirts. Man Ms. Grey you rocked my world.

As the year’s progressed, I fell in and out of lust with women having multiple girlfriends (which I believe would now be called “beards”). But here’s the deal – I do love women and must have them in my life. They are talented, beautiful and so much smarter than me. From the ladies in my office, to my work wives, to my best gal pals and my gorgeous sister-in-law not to mention my adorable kids Daisy and Tulip – I surround myself with the ladies and crush on them daily (not in a dirty way of course!)

So back to the story — life was going great, I was a real Romeo and then it happened. When I was 18 – a friend took me to see the movie Making Love (anyone remember it – Kate Jackson from Charlie’s Angels played the wife). Something happened that night when Harry Hamlin came onto the screen. I got hot, my bones stirred and then we he kissed Michael Ontkean I all but lost it. I knew things were never going to be the same. Yes, I fell hard for Harry Hamlin and I sort of still have a thing for him – damn that Lisa Rinna. When I realized he was unattainable – he was also my first heartbreak.

After that I had crushes and heartbreaks all over the place until I was 30 – when I finally had the nerve to come to terms with who I am and let the world know. From them on – all my crushes and loves have been of the male persuasion. Though those who know me well know I still have one serious girl crush and would re-consider my choices if Jennifer Lopez asked me to dinner.  Hello JLo — Andy from the block is waiting patiently for the phone to ring. Call me.

Have a wonderful month and read on for an issue filled with romance, lust and some good old fashioned lovin’.


PS – I am also in love with SF! Our poor friends and family have been freezing their tushies off this winter – and I pulled on a pair of Bermuda shorts this past Sunday and spent the day with Daisy and Tulip frolicking in Dolores Park with a picnic from the wonderful Dolores Park Café and it was February 1st!  I don’t want to rub it in but…

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