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Happy May! Happy Mom! Happy Heidi!

Dear Moms —

By now, if you read our newsletters, you probably know how much I worship moms! My mom Gerry was a remarkable woman who will always be my number one role model.

There is also another very special mom in my life — my amazing sister-in-law Heidi!  I have known Heidi for over 30 years (actually I was the one who introduced her to my brother Ricky).  Heidi and Ricky had two sons, Jason and Zach, and together they worked very hard to raise them to become incredible men.

Tragedy struck five years ago when Ricky was taken from us way too soon (damn cancer) and life got interesting.  Heidi was faced with so many challenges (way too many to talk about here but trust me).  I remained in awe of her strength, her humor and her determination to make sure her “boys” didn’t go off their paths given Rick’s abrupt departure.

Heidi also gave me the opportunity to step in as a Dad replacement (with Ricky’s blessing) and I truly love every minute of it.  For those of you that know us – Heidi and I are truly are like a married couple.  We share the same last name, we love our boys, we’re best friends, we love great dance music, we’re night owls and we love to eat. The only concerns are that we live 3000 miles away from each other and yes we don’t sleep together. (Just in case you were wondering!)  Perhaps these are the keys to a great marriage!

Recently our modern family embarked on a Carnival party cruise to Mexico to celebrate coming through the craziest five years of our lives. It was awesome. We drank, we tanned, we went to shows and we ate and ate. True confession, and she won’t be mad, Heidi planned to gain five pounds on the cruise and our big joke of the weekend was if it wasn’t nailed down Heidi was eating it! That girl loves her buffets!  Every time I saw her with a taco or French fry in her mouth – she would look up and say – “don’t judge me!” Of course I did – but let that be our secret.

I also got extra lucky. I got to share a cabin with Heidi. Despite her snoring, we had great late night chats, laughed a lot and celebrated our (over) 30 year relationship.  I marveled in the way she still looks out for her boys even though they have created amazing lives for themselves. It was somewhere between Key West and Cozumel I decided that Heidi was the second most important mom and role model in my life.  I love that woman!

Now stop reading this and go call or kiss you mom and tell her how much you love her and thank her too. I mean it!

– Andrew

Read on for great places to celebrate mom, mom salutes from our team, plus a plethora of May and June events.

For those of you who missed it – I was honored last year when a salute to my Mom was published on Here is the article for your reading pleasure!

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