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Kiss Me, I’m Jewish! The March 2017 Newsletter Edition

Happy Spring Everyone!

Welcome to the new AF& Co. newsletter – take a look and let us know what you think!

We have so much to tell you I don’t know where to start –so let’s begin with Flavor! Napa Valley –now just one week away!  Are your ready to rumble?  The Flavor team has been cooking up one spectacular weekend (well, more than a weekend – it starts next Wednesday, 3/22) of dining, wining, golfing, and schmoozing in the most delicious ways possible. 30 events, 4 days, 100 wineries, 60 chefs, 75 restaurants, classes, demos, and just about something for everyone. Our client Visit Napa Valley really does know how to put on a show(case) of all things Napa – and this weekend is it. Many events are sold out but you can still grab tickets – so check out the story below and we will see you there! There are specially priced offers for our readers!

Now on to everything else that is going on – we have openings, meatballs, great new AF&Coers, ice cream, tomatoes, a robot and so much more! But one event trumps all– well at least in my mind  — brace yourselves everyone –this handsome young man is going to be 55 years old this week.  Pick up your jaws – yes, it’s true.  And I’ve yet to have Botox –but just two days ago one of my closest pals said to me – “Honey you should think about some filler for the deep line on your forehead.”  I guess it’s time!  Since you all know how much I loved my mom Gerry – I thought I would share a quick story about my blessed birth that left me “green with anger” my entire life.  Let me take you back.

My mom was a character, the biggest socialite in Passaic, NJ and always the best dressed.  Her calendar never had a spare day and quite frankly there was never a dull moment.  From drinks with gals, to Mah Jong and Canasta to dances with my dad at the country club – she was booked. And alas, I guess the little apple Andy didn’t fall far from the tree.  Anyway, I was supposed to be born on St. Patrick’s Day –Saturday, March 17, 1962 but mom decided that since I was a planned C-section, she would ask Dr. Baum if it could be moved a few days later so that she could have one last dinner dance before I came along.  He agreed and I arrived at 10 am on following Monday, March 19th.  You’ve got to love a goodtime gal who plans the birth of her boy based on one final night on the town.

When I was old enough (about 5) to understand this story – I was pissed! Do you know how cool it would have been to be born on March 17th?  I would have been mom’s Lucky Star (note the Madonna reference).  I would have pot of gold theme birthday parties, green would have been my favorite color and I would have learned to jig!  I forgave her by the time I hit 13 as I knew an all green “Kiss Me I’m Jewish” theme for my Bar Mitzvah would have been a disaster.  So I moved on. Okay enough about me, it’s time for you to dig into this juicy issue – click in and click out on the stories that interest you and enjoy!

Now go get lucky—

All the best,


PS – Best wishes to all the other Pisces people in our office –Lauren, Liz, Erin, and Yasemin.  And big congrats to Kyle, Maya and Vanessa who were all recently promoted.  Very well deserved.  Big thanks for all you do.

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