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March Newsletter

Happy Spring Everyone —


Are you ready to rumble?? Flavor! Napa Valley is here. Yes – it’s this weekend and man oh man have we been working hard to present one spectacular weekend (well, more than a weekend – it starts Wednesday) of dining, wining, golfing, and schmoozing in the most delicious ways possible. 40 events, 4 days, 100 wineries, 80 chefs, 75 restaurants, classes, demos, and just about something for everyone. Our client Visit Napa Valley really does know how to put on a show(case) of all things Napa – and this weekend is it. I couldn’t be prouder of the team that has been working day and night to bring you this masterpiece of a festival. Many events are sold out but you can still grab tickets – so check out the story below and we will see you there.


Of course, I would love to believe that Flavor! has been organized in honor of one major significant event – my birthday, which is this Saturday. But alas, I know that isn’t true. However, when it’s all over I plan to party like a rock star with the other AF&Co. fish people – Lauren, Liz, Erin, and Yasemin. I just hope the Pisces weather gods shine down over Napa Valley this coming week. Has this rain been crazy or what?


I know many of you may be wondering how old I am? I have comfortably graduated into the silver fox category and now alarmingly I am even being called a “daddy” (only some of you will appreciate this as it’s a category on certain dating websites). Truly I feel like I am 54 going on 34, and if you ask anyone in my office they may even say I act like 24 when it comes to my music choices – I am a pop princess for sure. Bieber, Swift, Ariana, Adele, and my love J-Lo – well, I just can’t get enough. As many of you know, I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life. As a result, I can appreciate that at any time and without any notice – things can be taken from you very quickly. So I will leave you with this advice – screw age it’s time to live like you’re dying and plan to have no regrets.


This is why you will see me relishing all the adventures the next year has to bring and it all starts next weekend at Flavor! Napa Valley! Come celebrate with me and we can toast everything that is amazing in our lives.


Lots of love,


PS – Read on for a month full of madness — Easter doings, charity events, restaurant happenings, tasty recipes, and lots of congratulations all around. Next month we have big openings and big surprises coming – we can’t wait to share them with you.


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