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October 2014 Newsletter


The Ides of October — The Craziest, Busiest, Wildest Month of the Year!

Hello all –

I’ve been doubling up on my Wheaties, triple lattes and Five Hour Energy drinks to keep up with this month’s crazy schedule. Here at AF&Co. we have had events, galas, openings, special dinners with lots of wine and the fun continues. The team has been doing the most amazing job of creating and then covering all these fabulous happenings and I’m extremely grateful. Our clients have been doing their share by providing us with so much to talk about that most of us have laryngitis (well, that maybe a bit dramatic but I’m going for the effect).  And then there is our trends report – we are in the final moments of research before we release the list at the end of this month.  (Spoiler alert – it’s all about the impact of the demand generation).

With all this fun and frolic going on you would think our lives are high glam – and most of the time they are, but this is hard work!  It takes me back to the time when I decided that I wanted to spend my life promoting restaurants, hotels, chefs and everything that means good living. Picture it – New York City, 1982.A young aspiring actor (that’s me) needs a job.  I have two gifts; I can wait tables and I can sing.  Oh yeah, I was not shy and a bit chubby –- so I am quite the character.  I land a job as a singing waiter and I am amazed by how much the restaurant business is like show biz. I fell in love. It was a short lived job (turns out I really wasn’t that great a waiter).

Fast forward, much to my parents delight I decide to change my direction and get a marketing degree.  I continue to sing and do off, off, off Broadway musicals (my turn as the first Daddy Warbuck’s with a full head of hair is still the talk of the town at the Clifton, NJ community center). After a few dull years working in agencies I land a job at the French Culinary Institute and I am transformed. Chefs, gorgeous restaurants, lots of bling, retreats to exotic places and memorable meals –- this is truly the life for me.  Following the French Culinary gig, my life just continues to get more interesting with dream jobs at the legendary Russian Team Room, Windows on the World and The Rainbow Room (which just re-opened last week and looks absolutely breathtaking). While the work is hard, the hours are long and the pay is so so, I am exhilarated and truly have found my passion.

Which brings me back to today and the coming month!  The exhilaration continues and while we can bitch about how busy we are, we are truly blessed to present a schedule of events like this one.  Life never gets dull that’s for sure. So read on and mark your calendars! From a new wine event at Poggio (great deals on Italian Wines) to Sunday night suppers at Gaspar and pizza parties at Precita Park Café, we have something for everyone.
Thanks to all of you for supporting our efforts – it makes it all worth it.

Dig in!


Big News! Changes Ahead – Eat Drink SF 2015!

For the past seven years it has been our joy and privilege to partner with the Golden Gate Restaurant Association to develop, grow and co-produce San Francisco’s annual food and wine festival.  It has grown into the huge success that Eat Drink SF is today and we couldn’t be prouder.  It’s been a wild ride and now the time has come to pass the torch as the GGRA brings the operations of the festival in-house.  Our talented Account Supervisor Layla Azimi will be joining them to spearhead their efforts and Andrew will be staying on as the creative consultant.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Cia Glover and Madison Ginnett. Both have worked tirelessly to make Eat Drink SF, and SF Chefs before it, an incredible event. Without them, the festival would not exist and we are forever grateful for their dedication and passion.   Both Cia and Madison will continue to work with AF&Co. on special projects and culinary events.  Our new role will also give us the opportunity to focus even more on building the growing marketing/PR, talent acquisition, culinary event production and concept/operations consulting areas of our business.  The future is very bright.

We’re thrilled to be able to continue to support the extraordinary food festival of our great city.  Stay tuned for a save the date announcement for Eat Drink SF 2015.  There are big, wonderful plans afoot — it’s going to be spectacular!

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