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Today, people are more concerned and aware of the direct correlation between good nutrition and good health. Calafia’s California comfort food menu invites customers to escape from the frantic pace of the modern world, and turn their awareness inward to what they are putting into their bodies, while being conscious of the long-term impact on our planet. Calafia has developed recipes that are low in fat while bursting with flavor and freshness, all designed to recharge the body and get you back on your journey. The concept’s name Calafia, “Celebrating the soul of California,” pays tribute to the concept’s eclectic spin on “home-style” comfort foods found in many homes across the west coast of California. These foods are richly influenced by pan-Asian, east Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern heritages. A combination of fresh, casual, and natural foods prepared and presented in a “hip-urban” setting with an eco-friendly flair, the new black is green. With healthy versions of casual comfort food like wraps, sandwiches, burgers, and desserts accompanied by the coffee and juice bar and dinner-only hot entree packages designed for curbside pickup, Calafia is perfect for chill down time or catching up on work via WiFi. Calafia’s ingredients are about 80 percent organic and always natural.

858 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94301
T: (650) 322-9200