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Named after the freewheeling gypsy, Gitane is a modern, funky, and artistically bold restaurant located in downtown San Francisco between the financial district and Union Square. Chef Bridget Batson creates thoughtful dishes inspired from the Iberian peninsula, located on the southwest tip of Europe. Batson’s cuisine incorporates regional flavor profiles from Spain, Portugal, Southern France and neighboring Morocco. An elevated bar program pairs these exotic tastes and sensations with unique Sherries, Cavas, Madeiras, Spanish brandies, innovative hand-crafted cocktails and small-estate wines. The interior decor from Mr. Important Design unabashedly integrates vibes from three separate decades — the Euro-themed 50′s, Hippie-Driven 60′s and Big Bling 70′s, giving the space a traditional yet modern, eclectic feel. Artwork from Turkey and the U.K. flank the walls, highlighted by Nazif Topçuoglus’ Goya-esque tapestries. The interior mixes freely. Vintage art assemblage of Deborah Bowness’s hand printed wallpapers, riffs on French mid-century design by way of two huge “pearl choker” chandeliers, antique lighting that has been collected from various sources throughout Europe, luxe fabrics that speak of a more genteel and romantic era; all shimmering under a glossy polymer canopy that reflects the spectacle below like a soft crimson mirror. Specialty upholstery fabrics designed by Nina Campbell paired with furnishings from Anthropolgie and Tom Dixon round out the rooms. Described as a design “high wire act”, this warm, eclectic interior has blithely stumbled it’s way (sherry glass in hand!) into features with numerous publications over the past years.

Gitane Restaurant and Bar
6 Claude Lane
San Francisco, CA 94108
T: (415) 788-6686