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The Get Lucky Issue

Kiss Me I’m Jewish!

Hello all and happy March!

Here’s a big question for you – do you believe in luck?

Thanks to our Irish friends we have the wonderful St. Patty’s Day which has always been associated with getting lucky. For as long as I can remember – all us non-Irish folks put on our best green outfits and go on a search on March 17th to kiss someone Irish in hopes that it will bring good luck. It seems to me that I have been on a 53 year search (hello, my birthday is March 19th – size medium, favorite flower yellow rose and favorite music anything Broadway – just in case you are wondering) to find good luck. The good news is I have been pretty lucky in life.  So here is the deal – I do believe in luck when it’s mixed up with passion and hard work.

My mom was an extremely superstitious gal. Here’s a few lessons I grew up with – never put new shoes on a table, never, ever walk under a ladder, find a penny, pick it up and always, always look someone in the eyes when you are making a toast (the implications of not doing this will have a major impact on getting lucky in the biblical sense).

These days I am feeling pretty darn lucky. I have my health, a great family, amazing friends, my two lucky puppies and we are about to hit our 10th anniversary at AF&Co. Over the years and through today I have been blessed to work with some of the most incredibly talented people and clients. The business continues to boom and the opportunities keep knocking at our door. The final lesson my mom always enforced was when you do get lucky — you must always count your blessings and say, ‘thank you’.

So stop reading this and go kiss someone Irish, rub a shamrock or date a leprechaun. Even if you don’t fully believe, what’s the harm?

Thanks for all of your amazing support. Wishing you a very lucky month!

– Andy O’ Freeman

Read on for a month full of terrific happenings – new menus, parties, openings and lots of charitable events.  We have five March birthdays in our office – if it is a good thing to have so many Pisces in one room – I’m not sure.  We have two talented new team members and a new baby! I also want to extend a big thanks to Madeline Janning, Mika Abogado and Tiffany Ng who will be ending their runs with AF&Co. We wish you all the best in your next career moves. Next month, we will have some very exciting news about several new folks that will be joining our team and don’t miss Farryn’s new column in this issue!

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