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You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Eaten With Gold.

Or so says Zoe Laughlin, head of the University College London’s Institute of Making.  Laughlin has recently published a study on how dining utensils influence taste.  Check out this article from  Bob Krummert  on for more on the study. As part of our concept development work, we have spent countless hours with clients looking at tabletop pieces. We’re just glad that the science is supporting our obsession with those details!  (And we’re also very happy that Laughlin has found that stainless is the second-best choice.  Phew!)

The study also revealed that silver spoons actually make your food taste bad while for sweet foods copper and zinc coated spoons are the best. Something more to think about when designing your tabletop experience…just don’t get us started on napkins.

Now, to get to a really pressing question, what would Laughlin would say about the new edible coffee cup from KFC!

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