Bartlett Hall

Bartlett Hall

Creating an Instant Neighborhood Favorite

AF&Co. was presented with an exciting challenge: a location and a blank slate.  A study of the market showed that there was opportunity for an upscale restaurant that blurred the lines between restaurant and bar, so we set to work assembling a team to create a modern tavern, an “eating, drinking and gathering place, where quality, comfort and craft reign supreme.” Driven by the location off of Union Square, the primary guests for the restaurant would be visitors to San Francisco, but there was a strong secondary guest in the locals who work in the area.  This created a need to give an authentic San Francisco experience and led us to look to history for inspiration. Design elements like a “cabinet of curiosities” tie to the past with a contemporary sensibility. The restaurant was named after Lieutenant Washington Allon Bartlett, the first Mayor of American-era San Francisco. Hall was added to communicate the restaurant’s collegial and social feel. We worked closely with the team in developing and launching the restaurant, bringing together a talented group of designers, recruiting the chef team and managing all logistics of opening marketing and public relations.

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