RUSTY BUCKET (24 Locations)

RUSTY BUCKET (24 Locations)

Casual dining is highly competitive and the ability to stand out in a crowd is key to success. Our team was tasked with addressing the growing pains for this rapidly expanding brand. We conducted guest and team member roundtables to develop a qualitative understanding of the brand’s resonance. The research suggested that the “multi-location casual dining category” is awash in similarities, with many restaurants espousing the same claims regarding value, speed and comfort. The experience was also being miscategorized as a “sports bar,” when in fact it is a “grown up place to bring the kids.” To help Rusty Bucket break out in the category, af&co. identified key differentiators, new brand pillars and an evolved brand story which were then tested quantitatively with an outside research partner. The results: Rusty Bucket is resonating better than ever with its known following and brand awareness nationally is rising. Plans for expansion continue on the heels of a successful introduction of brunch items, new happy hour and an updated menu.


  • Concept Strategy
  • Qualitative Research
  • Guest Experience Evaluation
  • Quantitative Research Management
  • Verbal Identity
  • fresh approach.

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