Dia de Los Muertos at Copita

Taste your way through the Yucatan during this celebration of life. 


Join Copita as they celebrate Dia de los Muertos from October 31st – November 2nd. This year, Chef Tellez is featuring a special “Hanal Pixan” menu amidst an atmosphere of festive altar décor and live sidewalk chalk art, all inspired by the traditional themes and colors of life and death. A deeply rooted custom that takes place in towns in the state of the Yucatan, Hanal Pixan honors friends and relatives who have passed to their eternal rest. Taste your way through this celebration of life by enjoying special items such as: Ensalada XEC, Camarones en ChilmoleMucbipollo (traditional tamale), Broiled Grapefruit (Maya style) and Café Maya.



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