Meet The Alembic’s Hector Valencia

Hector Valencia joined The Alembic team three years ago and has since worked his way to head barman thanks to the strong tutelage of his former bar managers and talented industry peers.


Hector moved to Southern California when he was twelve years old from Guadalajara, Mexico. As an aspiring street artist, he found his way to San Francisco shortly after. When his good friend started working at The Alembic, Hector used the connection to gain work as a bar back and soon discovered his love for mixology as a new creative outlet.


Assuming the role of bar manager has allowed Hector to create a program with influence from his artistic background and south-of-the-border heritage. One of the first cocktails Hector created for The Alembic was the Brown Wolf made with mole bitters, a flavor that reminds him of his childhood.


Those who have enjoyed The Alembic’s cocktails for years will be delighted to experience Valencia’s creations like the Spring Assassin with El Silencio mezcal, blood orange shrub, lemon, agave, jalapeno, the New York Sour with Evan Williams bonded bourbon, gamay, lemon, simple syrup and the Rabbit in the Headlights with Rittenhouse rye, high west double rye, carrot, amaro ciocicaro, lime, saline and along with The Alembic’s mainstays such as the Southern Exposure with St. George terroir gin, celery, lime & mint and the Mount Aso with Iwai Japanese whisky, mirin, kabocha spice, smoked carrot dashi, lemon.


Hector is excited to fill the shoes of the talented men and women who have come before him, while bringing his own spin on The Alembic’s classics.

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