Kelly Explores Seattle and Visits Damn The Weather

Posted on: January 27th, 2020 by afco

During a visit to Seattle in December, I headed downtown to try Damn the Weather, a cool “small” (Seattle standards) restaurant that sells itself a little shabby to not be too cool with an awesome cocktail program. Upon arrival, the space was a welcome, warm and festive refuge from the typical Seattle climate (living up to their name!). Our group enjoyed exploring their phenomenal cocktail program and cozy atmosphere. Some of our favorites were the Peruvian Holiday and Curl the Pearl (a cocktail featuring pale ale). We ordered a round of shared starters, including: jalapeño and cheddar hush puppies, cured meats with giardiniera & crackers, and beets & burrata. These were the best and the atmosphere easily felt like we could have hunkered down here all night for drinking! 





Peruvian Holiday: pisco, honey, grapefruit, lemon, palo santo

The Woodwork: rey, orange curacao, amargo-vallet, nocino

Espina : tequila, blackberry, elderflower, lime, black pepper

Curl the Pearl: gran classico, cassis, lemon, american pale ale




Cured meats with giardiniera & crackers

Jalapeno and cheddar hush puppies

Beets & Burrata 




Grass Fed burger

Pan roasted black cod

Mushroom gumbo

Spaghetti ragout

Eggplant fettuccine

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