Macie and Friends Go To Matador

Posted on: October 21st, 2019 by afco

Last week I celebrated a friend’s birthday at Matador. We were a group of 13 women and took up the majority of the small, dimly lit restaurant. After arriving early with a friend, we sat at the bar and I ordered the Spicy Margarita. Muddled with cucumber and jalapeno, the spicy margarita was refreshingly light with a kick at the end. The cucumber added a nice balance and the jalapeno wasn’t too overwhelming.


I started by ordering the Queso Fundido. I have had many different styles of queso in my lifetime, but I can confidently say this was the most interesting queso I’ve ever had. Served with small corn tortillas, the queso was thick with mushrooms, chile poblano, full bunches of roasted corn and housemade chile chorizo. Instead of dipping typical corn tortilla chips, we scooped spoonfuls of the components onto the tortilla and made queso tacos. These were super filling, but my friends were happy to help me finish.

The mix-and-match tacos were a great deal at 2 for $10 or 3 for $15. I ordered a Taco de Matador and a Bistec Ranchero. The bistec ranchero was my favorite with New York steak and sauteed onions and peppers. While the taco de matador was delicious, I found it to be very meat-heavy and wished it had more mango salsa and apple and onion slaw. The menu has 10 different taco options, so next time I will definitely be trying the other ones!

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