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Produced in partnership with Carbonate, af&co’s annual trends report has become an industry standard in anticipating market demand and consumer feedback. Compiled from extensive year-long research, the report is intended to serve as a guide to help operators prepare for the coming year.

Our original 2020 report, “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore,” published at the end of 2019, reflected the acknowledgement that the hospitality industry had undergone major fundamental shifts with new rules applying as we started the new year. The tried and true weren’t gaining traction in the same way and operators were in need of new ways to reach and engage with guests in a constantly changing world. As COVID-19 dramatically changed our industry and our world, these challenges accelerated and magnified.

In partnership with Carbonate, we re-visited 2020 predictions and shared ideas for how to navigate the road ahead. We’re definitely NOT in Kansas anymore, but let’s follow the yellow brick road together.

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