Every client relationship is unique. We listen to a client’s goals, work to understand the challenges and then put together the right team for each project. Check out our diverse areas of expertise. We can assure you, nobody brings more value to the table.

Butts In Seats


we measure success by cover counts

Some agencies focus solely on getting the “big” story or collecting media impressions. Others focus on their “deliverables.” We focus on full restaurants. (We do all that other stuff, too.) Our approach to ongoing restaurant marketing and public relations is integrated, making us unique in the industry. Our marketing and public relations teams work hand in hand to develop revenue-generating promotions, to craft stories that guests want to hear and to connect with the journalists who matter. At a time when people are bombarded with marketing messages, our social media experts help restaurants find the right way to truly engage and invite discovery. We solve problems. We generate awareness. We do whatever it takes to get “butts in seats.”

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Heads In Beds

The Warwick

from boutique to name brand, we know hotels

Hotels have always been the backbone of our agency’s work. Reaching guests when they are at a decision-point is critical and requires a blend of marketing creativity and public relations strategy. Our integrated approach to both allows us to help our clients stay in the media’s eye. Our marketing and public relations teams work together to develop creative hotel packages and to craft stories that matter to the right journalists. Our social media experts tap into the right online conversations to engage with loyal and potential guests. Media impressions only matter if they put “heads in beds.”

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M.Y. China

you’re only new once

Operating a successful hotel or restaurant is not the same as launching a new one. It’s not a task that most owners or management companies do every month. We do. We see potential pitfalls and know how to create opportunities. We handle all opening logistics, from test meals to press releases to marketing strategy and tactics. We know how get and keep attention. Let’s do (a) launch.

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Talent & Operations



Hotels and restaurants must be both cost efficient and exceed guest expectations. The ability to accomplish this requires a delicate balance and ultimately depends on the capabilities of your operations team. The diverse skill set of our network enables us to identify and solve a range of problems within restaurant and hotel operations. We help our clients determine what isn’t working and present solutions. Our operations consultants can develop operational infrastructure, create service and training standards, launch additional revenue sources and much more.  Our chef and bartender consultants can assist with menu development and menu engineering.  If talent acquisition is needed, we recruit the best of the best, those with the rare combination of passion, talent and reliability. Nicknamed “The Restaurant Fixer,” Andrew’s presentation topics at company meetings include Hospitality Trends, Sales and Marketing, Guidelines for Healthy Hotels and Restaurants, and Improving Guest Experiences, among others.

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