Hotel Paradox and Solaire Restaurant + Bar

Hotel Paradox

Defining a Sense of Place

BPR Properties successfully repositions lackluster hotels. After having worked on projects including Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel, Hotel Keen in Palo Alto and the Hotel Shattuck in Berkeley, BPR came to us for a completely new concept for a hotel in Santa Cruz. Capitalizing on the property’s need for a street-facing privacy wall, we focused on mystery and created intrigue with the tag line “Expect the Unexpected.” The sleek and modern hotel in the laid-back beach town of Santa Cruz is itself a paradox and the concept is carried out with clever touch points like branded bedside rubix cubes and puzzle books. The name Solaire Restaurant +Bar was inspired by the indoor and outdoor restaurant experience. Our work included defining the concept, naming the hotel and restaurant and overseeing the visual and verbal identity of the brand. We also provided complete public relations and marketing launch services for this slick, boutique hotel in an unexpected place.

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