On The Line With Chef Sujan Sarkar

Chef Sujan Sarkar has recently made his way to the U.S. to help open progressive Indian restaurant, ROOH, and there’s no slowing him down. With over a decade of success, Sarkar’s cuisine at ROOH is a culmination of his culinary experiences inspired by his personal connection and love of Indian cuisine. Sarkar originally aspired to become a fashion designer but after graduating in 2003 with a degree in Hotel Management, Sarkar discovered his true passion was in the culinary arts. Before opening ROOH, Sarkar served as Chef de Cuisine at Olive Bar and Kitchen and Ek Bar in India as well as Automat and Almada in London. Throughout Sarkar’s career, he’s worked alongside Michelin Starred chefs including Chef Chris Galvin and Chef Andrew Garret, and also received notable accolades such as:


Nestle Junior Chef

Finalist, London’s Chef of the Year 2008

Finalist, London’s Chef of the Year 2009

National Chef of the Year 2011

National Chef of the Year 2013

Best Chef European Cuisine 2014

Times Food Award Best Chef of the Year 2016


Sarkar continues to broaden his culinary repertoire by studying cuisine across Europe to present the most refined dining experience at ROOH.

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