Went There For the Oysters. Left a scholar.

What makes a restaurant great? Many would say, the food, the drinks, or the service but while those are all important I would have to disagree. What I believe makes a restaurant stand out from the crowd is the concept and The Dorian SF has a concept that takes the dining experience to the next level.

At the Dorian, guests not only get to indulge in delicious food and refreshing libations but are told a story from a different time period. Through the use of tasteful decorations and thoughtful collateral the space is transformed into a saloon or parlor of the old days where you can imagine the intelligentsia and freethinkers would go to discuss and exchange ideas. And although I went there with the specific goal of eating some oysters (which sadly, they were out of), I left with something I didn’t expect, feeling like a scholar, inspired by the atmosphere that the Dorian SF has so perfectly and strategically created.

Definitely would recommend!

By: Michael Gorecki

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